This is a learning and work environment so it's important for our students to always look professional. We require students to purchase from Grondin's and wear a black smock, with blue jeans or leggings, and black, rubber-soled tennis shoes with laces. Please review our examples of approved and unapproved attire on our website and contact us if you have specific questions about our dress code policy.

Examples of approved shoes

Black, rubber-soled, tennis shoes with laces are the only approved shoe. White accents are permitted, but the shoes must be predominately black.

example one of approved shoes example three of approved black shoes example four of approved black shoes

Examples of approved blue jeans

Blue Jeans are permitted as long as they're standard, professional jeans. No cuts, tears, holes, verbiage, or overly-baggy jeans allowed.

example one of approved blue jeans

Examples of approved leggings

Leggings are permitted as long as they're standard, professional leggings. No cuts, tears, holes, or verbiage allowed. Tasteful patterns are also allowed.

example one of approved leggings example two of approved leggings example three of approved leggings

Examples of unapproved attire

Hats and hoodies are not permitted. Holes, tears, cuts, and verbiage on clothing is not permitted. Overly baggy jeans are not permitted.

example one of unapproved jeans example two of unapproved jeans example three of unapproved leggingsexample one of not approved hats or hoodies not allowed