Our Cosmetology program relies on regular attendance from students and active participation in the educational process. As a student of Grondin's College of Cosmetology, you are expected to adhere to the attendance policy.

  1. Attendance Requirement: See Ed-Tech handbook for specific details.
    • Students are required to attend all scheduled classes, practical sessions, workshops, and any other academic activities as outlined in the program curriculum.
    • Students must arrive on time and be present for the entire duration of each session.
    • If a student needs to leave Grondin's before class is over, a parent or guardian must contact the Ed-Tech building and speak to either the Student Services Secretary at 810-664-1124 ext 4153 or the Main Office Secretary at 810-664-1124. Leaving early is considered a tardy.
  2. Absence Reporting:
    • In the event of an absence, students are responsible for promptly notifying Grondin's, preferably before the start of the session.
    • Absences should be reported by calling 810-664-7683 or by using the preffered method of communication given by your instructor. This is usually an email to your instructor or Remind text messaging communication.
  3. Academic Progress:
    • Regular attendance is crucial for maintaining satisfactory academic progress.
    • Excessive absences or consistent tardiness will negatively impact a student's academic standing.
    • Students will be given login credentials to access their grade information through Ed-Tech. The program is called Synergy.