We're committed to providing a positive learning environment, and we believe that clearly defined policies are crucial for maintaining an effective learning environment. By familiarizing yourself with these policies, you will gain an understanding of our expectations, standards of conduct, and procedures, ensuring a smooth educational journey. At Grondin's, we prioritize fairness, respect, and accountability, and we encourage everyone to uphold these values as we collectively strive for excellence in cosmetology education.

Reading the school handbook is important because it helps students understand the rules, policies, and expectations at Grondin's College of Cosmetology. Students also gain insight into the code of conduct, academic guidelines, and extracurricular opportunities available. The handbook acts as a roadmap for a successful and fulfilling academic journey, encouraging a sense of responsibility and accountability among students.

Our Cosmetology program relies on regular attendance from students and active participation in the educational process. As a student of Grondin's College of Cosmetology, you are expected to adhere to the attendance policy.

This is a learning and work environment so it's important for our students to always look professional. We require students to purchase from Grondin's and wear a black smock, with blue jeans or leggings, and black, rubber-soled tennis shoes with laces. Please review our examples of approved and unapproved attire on our website and contact us if you have specific questions about our dress code policy.