Meet Our Team

Owner, Licensed Barber

Paul Grondin is the owner and CEO of Paul N. Grondin, Inc, operating the Grondin’s College of Cosmetology and fifteen hair centers across southeast Michigan. After serving in the US Army, Paul completed barber school in 1969 and opened a barbershop with his brother Carl in their hometown of Dryden. The brothers began growing the company, eventually owning the school and 55 salon locations across Michigan. Paul has over 50 years of experience in the barber and beauty salon business. He loves to play pickleball, bike, kayak, canoe, read and especially enjoys his time with his family.


Administrator, Licensed Cosmetologist

In 1981, Mrs. McNary graduated from Hairacy College of Cosmetology, now known as Grondin’s College of Cosmetology. She started cutting hair alongside Paul Grondin at his salon in Imlay City in 1982 and built a wonderful career working in various positions in the company, including hairstylist, manager, district manager, and training director. Since 2009, Mrs. McNary has been serving as the Administrator of Grondin’s College of Cosmetology.


School Manager, Licensed Senior Instructor, Licensed Cosmetologist

Mrs. Sweeney graduated from Hairacy College of Cosmetology, now known as Grondin’s College of Cosmetology, in 1982. She’s worked as a hairstylist, manager, and district manager throughout her forty-year career. Mrs. Sweeney is the School Manager and an Instructor at Grondin’s College of Cosmetology.

Licensed Senior Instructor, Licensed Cosmetologist

Mrs. Cunningham brings over twenty-five years of experience in a salon, behind the chair, and in the classroom. She holds an Associate of Applied Science degree from Bob Jones University, and her favorite subjects to teach are highlighting, waxing, and perming. Mrs. Cunningham’s greatest pleasure in her career has been to help mold her students into the stylists they will one day become. When not in the classroom, Mrs. C. can be found at home baking, playing games with her family, reading, or watching old movies.

Licensed Senior Instructor, Licensed Cosmetologist

Mrs. Grossbauer has been working both in the salon and classroom for over twenty years. She graduated from Grondin’s College of Cosmetology with her cosmetology license in 1998 and then her instructor’s license in 2001. She currently teaches second-year students and finds it to be one of the most rewarding positions of her career. When not teaching or doing her family’s hair, Mrs. Grossbauer likes to read, cook, and kayak. She loves animals and is active with church, her book club, and her large, close-knit family.