School History

Our instructors have been helping students build a career in the beauty industry for over four decades. We love every minute of it.

Thank You, Liz Grondin (aka Mom)

What started with a pair of old scissors and used clippers in the kitchen of her home in Dryden, Michigan, family matriarch Elizabeth “Liz” Grondin sparked her family’s interest in the hair industry which led to a couple of Dryden boys hanging out in Harry Hudson’s barbershop talking about haircuts and baseball.

After serving in the Air Force, Carl Grondin, the family's oldest son, was the first to attend barber school on the GI Bill. He finished in 1964 and began cutting hair in Southfield, Michigan. Paul Grondin, after serving in the US Army, decided to follow suit and completed barber school in 1969, also on the GI Bill.